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Angela Zellweger
Project Manager

Angela the entrepreneur with a strong start-up mentality breathes life into our local and global WTFL Start-up Innovation Camps. With her management experience in setting up organizational development around platforms or agile process implementation, she sets progressive and competent impulses.

Elena Cholakova
Project Manager

Elena is a Tourism Consultant with 5 years of experience working for UNWTO on development projects related to the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 in the tourism sector. She is passionate about helping and bringing to the international stage innovative business models in travel and tourism that prove that sustainability means business. She is also winner of the WTFL Young Talent Programme 2017 and in her free time she works on her own business idea, skies and trains martial arts.

Valentina Steffen
Project Manager

Valentina is an organizing partner of the WTFL Start-Up Innovation Camp 2020. She helps searching and contacting tourism related start-ups from all over the world to join the Camp. As she comes from the psychological field, she is passionate about improving human experience and interaction and to work for a better global wellbeing. In her free time she likes to do yoga, travel and to exchange with different cultures.

Martin Barth
President & CEO

Martin is bringing 25 years of corporate and academic career on board. In 2008, he founded World Tourism Forum Lucerne and since then his mission is to promote sustainable, innovative and diverse tourism and bridging the silos between generations. Martin spends his free time in Swiss nature.