Is your start-up qualified to apply?

Yes, if your Start-Up...

has a tourism-related concept or it could be related to tourism in the future.
is younger than 5 years.
has a minimum viable product, or even better –
already existing offering.
Apply now

And fits to one of the 4 categories below:

Which category fits to you?

Our Start-Up Innovation Camp 2020 has 4 application categories. Your start-up will be, based on your field of business, assigned to one of the following categories:


Involved in customers prior travel decision, i.e. booking platforms, travel content providers.


Providing smart transportation concepts on air, sea and ground.


Connected to accommodation, i.e. food and beverage, hotel bookings, vacation rentals.


Providing information on local attractions and new destination concepts, i.e. health (tourism).

* For the purpose of giving opportunities to new Start-Ups, you are unfortunatly not eligible to apply again if you have been a finalist of another International WTFL Start-Up Innovation Camp.
What is the evaluation process like?

Our international jury will select 4 finalists in each Category and invite them to Ras Al’ Khaimah (UAE) for the Start-Up Innovation Camp 2020 on 22-24 June. Start-Ups will be informed about their results beginning of May.

The 12 selected finalists will pitch in front of investors, industry executives, coaches and media on 23 June, as well as be part of the 1:1 Coaching Talks with experts on 24 June.

The jury will select a winner in each category and give 4 winners the opportunity to pitch on the main stage in front of a bigger crowd on 24 June.

The prize money for all 4 category winners is set at 10’000 USD each.